Sunday, February 26, 2012

Price of an oil terror

Fears regarding the shrinking oil supplies from the Middle East triggered by a possibility of a military conflict with Iran are the main factor that boosts the petrol prices up. That’s what Barack Obama said on TV yesterday. According to him, vain conversations about the possible war in the Middle East (backed by certain experts and politicians) should be stopped.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

From Gibraltar to Peshawar

« The Army's story
 Is guns and glory
From Gibraltar to Peshawar[1].
 When they are at a loss
And chance to come across
New and unruly races
With brown or yellow faces
They chop them into little bits
of beefsteak tartare!»
Bertolt Brecht
«The Threepenny Opera»

«From the Mediterranean Sea to Hindu Kush» is how the well-known American agency STRATFOR entitled its brand-new strategic forecast for the uneasy region. It is written by the Stratfor CEO himself, Dr. George Friedman. It’s hard to say whether Dr. Friedman is familiar with the works of a great German 20th century playwright Bertolt Brecht, but the name of his article sounds suspiciously similar to one the main songs of Brecht’s play that was written in 1928.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Oil, blood and hypocrisy

Everyone, who looks through the newspaper headlines every now and then, is certainly aware that today the world stands at the threshold of new major armed conflict that is about to grow into a full-scale war featuring nuclear states. Centre of the conflict lies at the heart of Middle and Near East, covering a part of Central Asia, too. Why the scent of war is so strong in the air of that region?