Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weimar Square

Initiative of Polish President Bronisław Komorowski — quite unexpected for most of the experts — to turn the Weimar Triangle into Weimar Square, including Russia may become a Weimar elevator for Poland. In other words, it may bring this ambitious country right to the top of European politics. This is utmost topical, given the upcoming half-year-long Polish chairmanship in the European Union.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Wandering in the Egyptian darkness

Revolution of Sphinxes is seemingly winning its way. In the past articles we’ve reviewed the possible beneficiaries of this victory. Now it’s time to look at the current situation in Cairo. Destiny of the main prize — the power — would be determined not at the Tahrir Square. Secret political bargaining between the main pretenders for the people’s victory is about to start. The only thing is clear: it wouldn’t be common folk who reap the fruits of triumph. They once again would be robbed by the politicians. One of the two main political powers (with a feasible assistance from the third one — which is to help wrapping the purchase into a pretty cover) would buy the victory, gained by the common Egyptians.
Hosni Mubarak is not Ben Ali by any chance

In the very beginning of Egyptian events all the commentators at once have been claiming them to be the continuation of Tunisian Jasmine revolution. In this connection, we should note that Mubarak and Ben Ali (ex-President of Tunis for those of you who have already forgotten his name) — are players from the different leagues. It’s quite clear that despite his huge political experience (30 years in power is not a mere trifle), Mubarak would still have to leave. The question is not when he’s about to do it (quite soon, perhaps) — but how?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Revolution of Sphinxes. Part II

President Mubarak’s fate is almost prejudged. Most of the national leaders have already said goodbye to him. President Obama voiced his wish to pass the power immediately. The only thing left to know is to whom specifically? In the first part of the article we’ve analyzed the first candidate — acting Vice President of Egypt, General Omar Suleiman. Long-time head of Egyptian intelligence, well-tried fighter against Islamic fundamentalism, participant of the most unbelievable operations against Al-Qaida, author of the fake materials that became the pretext for American invasion into Iraq — he perfectly suits the USA and their allies. He, however, has a strong competitor.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Revolution of Sphinxes. Part I

Egyptian uprising became the No 1 topic of the world media. After the Jasmine revolution in Tunis, leading newspapers have been exercising their wit, trying to invent a name for the Egyptian one that didn’t happen yet. By now, “date revolution” is leading in that contest, but in fact Egyptian events are much deeper and more mysterious than this plain and nutritious fruit, that Prophet Mohammed himself enjoyed so much.


                                  4. Settlement of the Middle-Eastern conflict.
Cool-down of American-Israeli relationship was nearly the most dangerous consequence of Barack Obama’s coming to power. No matter how paradoxically it may sound, but Israel is every bit as important to America, as America is important to Israel. Republicans have historically supported Israel with a truly religious zealous fervor and — believe it or not — but neo-con ideology, confessed by the GOP is to a considerable degree based on the literal interpretation of some Biblical excerpts. According to them, second coming of Jesus Christ and the Judgment Day may only come when Judaic Jerusalem Temple (also called the Third Temple) would be completely restored. Place where it should be rebuilt is the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. As the saying goes, that’s where the shoe pinches. Without going deep into historical and religious details, we have all the reasons to state that Temple Mount is an equally sacred place for all three Avraam’s religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam). That is why Palestinians demand to give Jerusalem back to them, which is also why Israel has no intention to do so and which is exactly why American neo-cons are supporting the Jewish state.